INIS products and services

This section brings together a number of INIS products and services, such as INIS database including full-text documents of non-conventional literature (NCL), journal articles devoted to INIS, as well as a complete historical set of prepared and published INIS brochures, advertisements, information sheets, displays, slide shows, fact sheets, and posters.

At the core of the success of INIS is the INIS Database, which contains over 3.3 million records. It includes a unique collection of over 300,000 full-text documents of non-conventional literature (NCL), not available through commercial channels. INIS, in cooperation with the Member States, has developed a Multilingual Thesaurus. It represents a unique multilingual thesaurus in the nuclear field and serves as a major tool for indexing and describing nuclear information and knowledge in a structured form, which assists in multilingual and semantic searches of the INIS Database. The INIS Reference Series defines the rules, standards, formats, codes and authority lists on which the International Nuclear Information System is based. Promotion of INIS is undertaken jointly by the INIS Secretariat and INIS Liaison Officers in Member States. Its aim is to increase awareness of the INIS System, its products and services and highlight benefits for current and potential users. To assist its Member States, the INIS transfers knowledge and know-how in data collection and information processing. It also helps establish national INIS Centres in developing countries.