Capacity building (Training and distance learning)

The INIS Training Program is designed to meet a number of objectives:

  • Establishment and improvement of a national information infrastructure in Member States
  • Transfer of modern information technology
  • Fostering exchange of scientific and technical information
  • High quality and coverage of the INIS Database
  • Maximum utilization of INIS output products
  • Responsiveness to Member States’ needs

Currently the INIS Training Program comprises:

INIS Training Seminars

INIS Training Seminars are generally held usually every other year in Vienna. The seminars are funded and staffed by INIS and emphasize INIS input skills and use of INIS output products. All aspects of INIS operations are addressed in the training events organized by the IAEA for INIS members, including selection criteria, abstracting,descriptive cataloguing, indexing, retrieval, marketing and promotion. The training events are aimed at assisting INIS Members in training personnel newly involved in input preparation and utilization of output products.

INIS Distance Learning Program

The INIS Distance Learning Program provides comprehensive instructions about input preparation in both: Bibliographic Description and Subject Analysis, and usage of the INIS database. The program is available free on CD-ROM, for individualized, self-paced study addressed to the staff of the INIS Centres.

Technical Co-operation Assistance

Through the IAEA Department of Technical Co-operation, the INIS Secretariat provides assistance to developing countries participating in INIS in establishing and operating information systems on nuclear energy.

- Regional Training

Regional Training is sponsored by the IAEA Technical Co-operation Department in conjunction with the INIS Secretariat. It is generally related to Technical Co-operation Projects and is hosted by a Member State in the Region.

- Fellowships and Scientific Visits

Fellowships and scientific visits are also sponsored by the IAEA Technical Co-operation Department in conjunction with INIS. A Fellowship is designed for junior staff members in Member States, generally has a two to three month duration in a single geographic area, and constitutes on-the-job training. A Scientific Visit is designed for senior staff in a Member State and has a duration of one to three weeks in more than one location.