The International Nuclear Information System (INIS)
hosts one of the world's largest collections of published information on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. It offers online access to a unique repository of non-conventional literature. INIS is operated by the IAEA in collaboration with over 150 members.

In focus


  • 26 April 2016 – Agreement signed between JINR and the IAEA. Within the framework of the Third International Rosatom Knowledge Management Forum “Integrated KM Solutions for R&D, Engineering and Operations Societies”, an agreement was signed between JINR and the IAEA.    Read more →

  • 21 March 2016 – Reports from the Net Enabled Waste Management Database (NEWMDB) now being incorporated into the INIS Repository. The INIS Secretariat has completed the integration of all of the Country Waste Profile reports from NEWMDB into the INIS repository.   Read more →

  • 25 February 2016 – INIS List of Journal Titles (IAEA-INIS-11). The latest version of the INIS List of Journal Titles (IAEA-INIS-11), published in February, is now available on the INIS website.   Read more →

  • 17 February 2016 – New version of the INIS Repository Search (IRS). Version 5.1 of the IRS has been launched, offering improved usability and search capabilities.    Read more →

  • 8 February 2016 – INIS Input Management System (IMGM). This web-based interface, which allows users to upload bibliographic records, batches of records, and full text documents, has been actively tested and improved over the last months and sees increasing everyday usage.    Read more →

  • 28 January 2016 – The INIS bibliographic data harvesting program continues to build on its initial success and now includes the SCOAP3 open access database as a source of information, ingesting thousands of records from major scientific journals which participate in SCOAP3.    Read more →

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Latest INIS Newsletter

45th INIS Anniversary Newsletter

2015 marks the 45th anniversary since the creation of INIS. INIS has come a long way since the IAEA Board of Governors approved the International Nuclear Information System in 1969. Officially, INIS started operations in January 1970, but it wasn't until May 1970 that its first product, the INIS Atomindex, was issued. This date is considered the 'birth' of INIS. This special issue of the Nuclear Information Newsletter is devoted to the first forty-five years of INIS.    Read more →

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