INIS Bibliometric Services

As a modern digital repository, INIS features powerful functions to search, display and analyse bibliographic information. This can be used to perform various bibliometric studies, from extracting sets of publications in specific subject areas, to more complex tasks such as analysis of a certain scientific topic or research area and its development over time.

Recently, INIS was able to offer this service to the Physics Section of the IAEA’s Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications. By providing bibliometric analysis of research on specific topics which indicated, among others, scientific trends, the need to plan and organize a technical meeting was identified. The topic in question was ‘muon tomography’ and the analysis revealed the increase in publications on this topic over the last decade. The Physics Section supports Member States with regard to the utilization of particle accelerators, research reactors, applications of instrumentation and controlled nuclear fusion, assisting Technical Cooperation Projects in these areas.

This is a prime example of how INIS can offer direct assistance for scientific research in the IAEA to assist the Member States, enabling efficient planning of research and allocation of resources. The INIS Secretariat is available to assist researchers in performing similar bibliometric analyses. For more information, please contact  INIS Feedback.