INIS repository reaches 4 million records

On 14 December 2016, 46 years after its creation, the INIS repository reached four million bibliographic records. This significant achievement is the result of long-term cooperation and collaboration between INIS' 130 Member States and 24 international organizations. This valuable collection of freely accessible bibliographic records contains over 1.3 million links to full-text documents, 520,000 of which are hosted by INIS.

Total INIS input per year

The INIS repository has seen an annual increase over the last 13 years of over 100,000 bibliographic records. 127,209 new records were added in 2016, 8,620 of which were full-texts. The fourth million record was submitted by the national Cuban INIS Center.

The hard work involved in collecting and processing nuclear literature has resulted in the creation of a unique information resource for nuclear scientists, researchers, students, administrators and journalists around the world. During the last 12 months alone, the INIS repository had over 2.6 million page views by one million users searching for information, knowledge and solutions, or looking to find inspiration by making better use of nuclear technologies and nuclear resources. In 2016, INIS users comprised 229 countries and territories, including remote locations such as Antarctica, and French Mayotte, and small countries like the Isle of Man, St Helena and San Marino.

INIS will continue to work to improve its activities, to increase efficiency and to find new ways to better manage its information. To quote a popular saying, "There are no old roads to new directions". INIS, along with its members, will approach each challenge as a new opportunity, since even a small opportunity is often the beginning of a great enterprise.

Happy holidays and a prosperous New Year!

D. Savic

INIS input per year