New version of the INIS Collection Search (ICS)

4 February 2014 - The new ICS version 4.3 continues the commitment of the Nuclear Information Section to increase the quantity of nuclear-related records available, the quality of the information displayed, and the usefulness of the user interface. As Deputy Director General Bychkov, Department of Nuclear Energy, said at the winter meeting of the American Nuclear Society, “We help countries make knowledgeable, informed, science-based decisions, from early considerations of nuclear power, all the way to waste, decommissioning, and environmental remediation.” The INIS Collection Search seeks to fulfil this mission by providing the world with information on all aspects of the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology.

This version extends the usefulness of ICS by integrating the IAEA’s NUCLEUS catalogue of nuclear resources. When ICS produces a set of results in response to a user’s query, a new ‘Search other resources’ section is displayed in green at the upper left, along with a link to NUCLEUS. When a user clicks on this link, the NUCLEUS catalogue is searched using the same search terms.

Other enhancements further increase the usefulness of the ICS. A list of exported records to PDF, HTML, Excel, or Print, includes a hyperlink to each record. This gives users an easy way to return to each referenced record. Further changes were made to lead and analytic records by displaying all analytical records once the search matches a lead record’s title.

ICS NUCLEUS Search Screens

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