Digital Preservation at INIS

27 Januar 2014 – As part of the Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Grey Literature: The Grey Audit: A Field Assessment of Grey Literature (2-3 December 2013, Bratislava, Slovak Republic), TextRelease/GreyNet International has published all papers and presentations which were given during the conference.

GL15 Bratislava A presentation given by INIS on its digitization activities was very well received by the conference participants. Published Conference Proceedings, which will soon be available on the website and made accessible through the OpenGrey Repository, will offer the full-text of all papers, including the INIS one.

Currently, the INIS paper entitled Digital Preservation at International Nuclear Information System (INIS), authored by Dobrica Savic and Germain St-Pierre, is available on the INIS website ( This paper provides an overview of the digital preservation practices and the technical infrastructure of the International Nuclear Information System (INIS). It describes the technical processes, the standards in place, the hardware and software used, as well as all practices related to scanning, quality control, OCR, preservation and storage.