The NE News Application Now Available for iPhone

24 October 2013 - The IAEA Nuclear Information Section (NIS) has been working strenuously to extend the compatibility of the ‘NE News’ application, already available for the iPad, to include mobile phones, starting with a very popular Apple iPhone. The result is the new 'NE News' for iPhone, now available in the Apple Store.

As with the iPad version, ‘NE News' for iPhone is available for free to the general public and offers full access to all newsletters, brochures and social media channels of the Department of Nuclear Energy. 'NE News' for iPhone includes direct access to the digital library of the International Nuclear Information System (INIS), a publicly accessible digital library with over 3.5 million academic and technical publications, focusing on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

NE News application on iPhoneNE News application on iPhone
NE News application on iPhone