New Version of the INIS Collection Search

22 October 2013 - A new version of the INIS Collection Search (ICS) has been developed and made available at:

The new ICS version 4.2 is consistent with the task given to NIS at the last Consultative Meeting of INIS Liaison Officers in the speech by Mr Bychkov, Deputy Director General, Department of Nuclear Energy, IAEA, to reposition INIS as ‘one access point’ to all nuclear related information available, not only in INIS and the Library, but also from other information resources within the Department. This gives the user a wider information portfolio accessed through a single search.

Following up on this and after the recent integration of the IAEA Meetings on Atomic Energy (MoAE) database, an Authority file for authors has been created and implemented as part of the Advanced Search mechanism.

From a practical point of view, when a user goes to the advanced search page, and selects ‘Author’ as a search criteria, then begins typing, the first ten authors, whose works appear within the INIS Collection and match the user’s input will appear as a list. In this way, the user can ensure that the correct author has been chosen, that works by that author exist in the INIS Collection, and that their search will return results.

Together with the change reported above, the following additional features have been introduced in the ICS application:

Enhanced language support

  • The INIS Thesaurus has been extended in Japanese.
  • Support for the display of non-English abstracts has been added. Additionally, when an abstract is displayed, a language indicator now appears at the top.

Enhanced search results page

  • Extend the record type data for Advanced Search interface to include more record types, such as: Legislative material, Thesis/Dissertation, Standard, and Software.
  • Add the full text link of a lead record to the title of all of its Analytic records.

Improved performance of the Advanced Search

  • Formerly, the Advanced Search page took several seconds to load. Now, the page loads almost instantly.

More information on using these new features is available in the INIS Collection Search Help.

New Version of the INIS Collection Search
New Version of the INIS Collection Search 'Author' feature