NE News app for iPad released

22 August 2013 – The IAEA Nuclear Information Section (NIS) has been working to make information on nuclear energy simpler, more intuitive, and more accessible than ever before. Users of iPad, Apple’s popular tablet device, can access news and information from the Department of Nuclear Energy through an easy to use application (app). This new, free iPad app was designed and developed by the Nuclear Information Section, with the full support of Mr Alexander Bychkov, Deputy Director General of the Department of Nuclear Energy.

NE News app The NE News app allows users to access all of the Department's newsletters, brochures and social media channels through a single portal. This includes the authoritative "Nuclear Energy Series" of technical publications, whose guidance covers a wealth of topics, ranging from introducing nuclear power to decommissioning.

NE News also provides access to the International Nuclear Information System (INIS), a publicly accessible digital library of over 3.6 million academic and technical publications and documents on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. By using this mobile app, users can search through bibliographic metadata, as well as through full texts of available publications and related meetings on atomic energy.

The NE News app is freely available to the general public and can be downloaded via the Apple App Store.

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