Browse INIS Collection by Subject Category

12 June 2013 - Hard and meticulous work on subject classification of each and every INIS Collection record results in a primary subject category being assigned to every single record. Some records may also be assigned one or more optional secondary subject categories. “Subject Categories and Scope Descriptions”, an INIS publication, is the main tool for properly using subject categories and adding value to individual records. It contains 49 well-structured and defined subject categories which logically group together records from the INIS Collection, creating subsets upon which a finer search can be performed.

The INIS Collection Search (ICS) application offers many possibilities to search, select, locate and access relevant publications from several million records. Bibliographic metadata, abstracts, indexes, full text, and subject categories are all searchable and can be combined in many ways. Offering access to the INIS Collection through these 49 subject categories gives information users a special avenue to browse specific fields of interest and to further explore and redefine the search in order to find the most relevant documents.

Browse INIS Collection by Subject Category is a new feature offered by the INIS Collection Search and can be accessed directly from the ICS webpage ( by clicking on ‘Browse’, or from the ‘In focus’ feature of the INIS website (

It is believed that this new ICS feature will further enhance the user’s experience when searching the INIS Collection and improve satisfaction with the results and documents retrieved.