New Version of the INIS Collection Search (ICS)

7 June 2013 - A new version of the INIS Collection Search (ICS) is available at

The new ICS version 4.1 application has been conceptualized and implemented following the trend for web search engines to offer an ‘enhanced user experience’. This gives the user a wider information portfolio accessed through a single search.

After the recent integration of the bibliographic records from the IAEA Library catalogue into the INIS Collection Search, ICS users can now access information from the IAEA Meetings on Atomic Energy (MoAE) database maintained by the IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management Section.

From a practical point of view, whenever a user performs a query on the INIS Collection Search, information on the three most relevant meetings from the MoAE database are displayed at the top of the search results page. Users can also access the entire subset of meetings related to the given query, and can further filter the meeting results by either country or meeting type.

Together with this major change, the following additional features have been introduced in the ICS application:

Quick browse and search

  • By clicking on the ‘Browse’ link, the list of subject categories and the top 10 searches performed on ICS can be quickly browsed. Users may continue by clicking on any of the available links to perform the respective search.

Improved usability

  • Bibliographic records saved in users’ workspace can be translated into all official IAEA languages as well as in German and Japanese.

Enhanced search results page

  • Further filtering of results from a given query is now possible by selecting Publication Year and/or INIS Volume, as well as Country and/or Language.
  • Users can see the size of the PDF file, if such file is associated with the record result.
  • The number of results for a given query is now fully accurate, instead of being an approximation.

More information on using these new features is available in the INIS Collection Search Help.