INIS Liaison Officers and INLN Meetings

10 October 2012 – The 36th Consultative Meeting of the INIS Liaison Officers (ILOM), held in Vienna from 4-5 October, 2012, was attended by representatives from 47 Member States and 5 international organizations. The opening address was given by Mr. Bychkov, Deputy Director General of the Department of Nuclear Energy. The meeting reviewed INIS activities since the 35th ILOM, held in 2010, the use and effectiveness of INIS, and its future. Presentations were delivered by INIS Liaison Officers and speakers from Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Pakistan, the Russian Federation, Syria, and the USA, providing valuable information on many aspects of their INIS operations and suggesting further developments. The important role of national INIS centres in preserving major nuclear accidents’ literature was stressed, as was the need to provide access to other types and formats of nuclear information.

The agreed recommendations and the presentations are available at the ILOM website.

The positive feedback received during and after the meeting confirms that this event was very informative and useful to the participants.

During the ILOM, on October 5, the 3rd International Nuclear Library Network (INLN) Members Meeting took place. Members from 23 countries reviewed the current activities of the INLN, particularly the flow of Requests for Information between the IAEA Library and the INLN members. The future direction and activities of the Network were discussed. An INLN Web Coordination Group (WCG) was appointed to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by new technologies. Representatives from Brazil, Canada, Ireland, and the IAEA Library are members of the Group. It was agreed that moving towards the implementation of a Practical Arrangement to be signed by all INLN members, would contextualize the Network’s objectives and operation, as well as the members’ benefits and obligations.

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