New Features of the INIS Collection Search

8 August 2012 - The quality of any database or collection search interface directly impacts usability and usefulness of a particular information resource. INIS is determined to constantly work on improving its Web search interface and making its collection of 3.4 million nuclear information records easier to access and of greater value to our users. Keeping this goal in mind, INIS has continued to introduce new features of its Collection search web application while improving the existing ones.

In line with the continuous improvements to the INIS Collection search application, several new features were introduced. They include:

  • Dynamic navigation: further filtering of results from a given query by selecting Country and/or Language was implemented. Once a search is performed, the dynamic navigation filter options appear on the search results page, replacing the old ‘Narrow Your Search’ mechanism.
  • RSS 2.0 Feed: INIS Collection Search now supports subscription to queries through a RSS 2.0 format. Once a search is performed, the respective RSS 2.0 feed can be subscribed to by the user. The resulting feed can be added to any RSS 2.0 feed reader or bookmarked in the web browser for further use. Whenever a user consults a subscribed feed, the best up-to-date matched results will be shown for that particular query.
  • My Workspace: Registered users can save their search results in their ‘My Workspace’ for later retrieval. This collection of bibliographic records becomes a part of the user’s profile, accessible at any given time for consultation, export or the citation download.
  • Google translation: In order to further improve usability, a re-designed search results page now offers better readability and the new option to translate the bibliographic records into other languages using Google Translator.
  • Help hints: Pop-up help hints have been introduced in the Advanced Search page for metadata fields, providing examples on how to use the metadata to build a query.
  • PDF export: Capability to export selected search results in PDF format has been also implemented.
More information on using the new features is available in the INIS Collection Search Help.