One Access Point to the INIS and IAEA Library Collections

7 August 2012 - Further to INIS restructuring and the creation of the Nuclear Information Section (NIS) by joining the INIS Unit, the IAEA Library, and the Systems Development and Support Group at the beginning of 2012, efforts were made to enhance existing information products and services, as well as to introduce new ones.

As a result, the bibliographic records from the IAEA Library catalogue have been successfully incorporated into the INIS Collection. Over 90 000 IAEA Library bibliographic records have been added to the INIS Collection Search. This enables a simplified and more efficient single access point to both the INIS and IAEA Library collections through the INIS Collection Search web interface.

In addition to the enlarged collection, nuclear information users now have a complete view of the IAEA Library collection holdings and access to bibliographic records of its books, technical reports and other documents collected over a period of 50 years.