Mobile Version of the INIS Website

6 July 2012 - The INIS website has gone mobile!

In line with a recommendation from the 13th INIS/ETDE Joint Technical Committee Meeting, INIS has implemented a mobile version of its website.

With this development, INIS website visitors can easily explore the site on a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone, Blackberry and Android. When accessing INIS from a mobile device, visitors will automatically be re-directed to the mobile version of the INIS website, which optimizes the display for such devices.

The new version of the INIS website has been thoroughly tested on various types of mobile devices running different operating systems. However, should problems be encountered with the display of the contents, visitors can always switch to the website’s full version, the same version which is accessible from your desktop.

We hope that this will make the INIS website more accessible and convenient, especially for those who use mobile devices and are often on the go. We also hope with the increase in the use of mobile devices to target new audiences.

Take a look at our new mobile view at