Integration of the Joint INIS/ETDE Thesaurus with the INIS Collection Search

28 September 2011 - The INIS Collection, with its 3.3 million records, and the Joint INIS/ETDE Thesaurus, with over 30,000 well defined nuclear terms, are the two main INIS products. The integration of these two products has been implemented in the Advanced Search, allowing users to fine-tune their queries before they are performed. For each search using descriptors, a list of Thesaurus descriptors is now also suggested. (This is similar to the already implemented use of other INIS authorities in the search, such as countries and languages). When a Thesaurus descriptor is selected from the list, a word block appears, offering other terms (related, narrow, broader, etc) from which the user can choose. This feature enables dynamic replacement of the originally selected descriptor.

In addition to the Thesaurus integration, the following enhancements to the INIS Collection Search have been introduced:

  • Metadata search by "record type"
  • "INIS Home" link to the INIS website
  • New FAQ page relating to the INIS Collection Search
  • The "Source" field renamed to "Source/Report"

The INIS Collection Search has been well received by our users and a number of suggestions for further improvement have been identified. Our aim is to continue to develop and implement new features.

More information on the utilization of the new features is available in the INIS Collection Search help file.