Change of INIS Leadership

1 July 2011 - After five years with the IAEA, Ms. Hahn-Weinert, Acting Section Head of the INIS and NKM Section and Head of the IAEA Library, left the Agency to return to the United Nations in Geneva. Mr. Dobrica Savic, Head of the INIS Unit, succeeds Ms. Hahn-Weinert in ensuring the management of INIS.

In the eventful past three years during which Ms. Hahn-Weinert managed INIS, the progress we have made is significant: In 2009, we opened access to the INIS database for free on the Internet and, in 2011, full text documents became directly searchable on the web. Within 10 months, the number of searches in INIS increased tenfold. Asked about her close collaboration with Mr. Savic, Ms. Hahn-Weinert commented that mutual respect and trusting each other's opinions is what makes a partnership successful. "INIS will maintain a course that will keep it headed in the right direction for decades to come and I wish Mr. Savic and all the INIS family every success in this undertaking", she added.