Over 3 Million Bibliographic Records in the INIS Database

12 January 2009 - INIS, the leading worldwide reference database for published scientific literature on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology, conquered another milestone in 2008 by increasing the total number of its bibliographic records to over 3 million. This remarkable achievement is a direct result of all participating INIS Members’ contributions over the past 38 years.

The jubilee record number 3.000.000 was entered in November 2008 bearing the reference number 39:103219. This Hungarian record is one of the 123,536 records that were added to the database in 2008, the highest annual production result achieved in the history of INIS.


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Over the past years, the annual input of records into the INIS Database has increased constantly. Production in 2008 attained double the number of annual entries since 1999 and resulted in 5.2 % more records added than in 2007. There is a continuous effort to improve the coverage of articles published in core nuclear journals and conferences held worldwide. This effort enhances the comprehensiveness of the INIS Database, which covers all areas of IAEA activities.

Also in 2008, a total of 27,227 documents were added to the INIS collection of non-conventional literature (NCL) which includes scientific and technical reports, conference proceedings, patents, theses, and preprints. 252,057 full-text documents are now available in PDF and can be downloaded directly from the INIS online database.


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Mr. Alexander Nevyjel: A.Nevyjel@iaea.org
Ms. Seyda Rieder: S.Rieder@iaea.org