Pilot Project Provides Free Access to INIS Database for Seven Countries

14 November 2008 - We are pleased to announce a pilot project undertaken by INIS which provides, as of today, open access to the INIS Database on the internet for users from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Uruguay and the United States. Users in these countries can now access the Database for free at:


The objective of this pilot project is to further disseminate INIS information in our Member States, and to make it easily accessible.

The INIS Database is the leading worldwide reference database for published scientific literature on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. Currently, INIS membership includes 119 member states and 23 international organizations, and its database contains over 3 million bibliographic records/references, and abstracts of journal articles, scientific and technical reports, conference papers, books, patents, theses, laws, regulations and standards, and web documents.

Possible expansion of this pilot to other countries is under consideration.

Please send any comments or feedback to: INIS.CBL@iaea.org