Making Knowledge Work – Nuclear English for University Teachers

Forthcoming Regional Workshop in Lithuania

4 April 2008 – In the global nuclear industry, English is increasingly becoming the main language of communication in general, and specifically at international nuclear conferences and training courses. Many nuclear organizations in Central and Eastern Europe are offering their staff the opportunity to develop their language skills so that they can play a more active role in the international nuclear community. English language teachers, who train nuclear specialists in these countries, provide an important service for which they require specific knowledge and new educational tools.

To meet the challenge of "training the trainers", a regional workshop – to be held on 23–27 June 2008 in Kaunas, Lithuania – will offer university teachers working in the nuclear domain a forum to exchange good practices and acquire new techniques in teaching English in nuclear organizations.

The workshop is open to up to 35 participants from the invited Member States in the region of Europe. All participants from European Union Member States and the Russian Federation are encouraged to attend the meeting at no cost to the IAEA.

The workshop will also familiarize participants with the content and methodology of Nuclear English (WNU Press, 2005), a leading textbook for learners of English in the nuclear field, enabling them to further improve their knowledge of the terminology of nuclear technology and nuclear knowledge management. Workshop tutors will be experienced English language teachers with extensive knowledge of the nuclear domain and expertise in teaching in nuclear organizations.

The Workshop on Making Knowledge Work – Nuclear English for University Teachers is organized by the IAEA, in cooperation with the Government of Lithuania through the World Nuclear Association and the Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. It is held at Kaunus University under the auspices of an IAEA Technical Cooperation Project (RER/0/027) on Strengthening Capabilities for Nuclear Knowledge Preservation.

For more information, download the Workshop Prospectus. Nominations for attending this workshop may be submitted on the standard IAEA Nomination Form to be endorsed by, and returned through, the official, established channels. Nominations must be received by the IAEA not later than 21 April 2008 .

Contact: Mr. Andrei Kosilov, IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management Unit