Change of Leadership in INIS and Nuclear Knowledge Management Section

28 March 2008Mr. Robert Workman, Head of INIS and Nuclear Knowledge Management Section since 2005, will retire from his post at the IAEA and from full-time employment on 2 April 2008. He will be succeeded by Ms. Ruth Hahn-Weinert, who has agreed to take over temporarily the Section's management as Acting Section Head, in addition to her responsibilities as Head of the IAEA Library.

Mr. Workman looks back at three years of strategic management during which the Section has made considerable progress and developed further. "I have been working closely with Ruth Hahn-Weinert since her arrival in August 2006. We have collaborated on many information management issues affecting both Sections, with the support of a joint working group", Mr. Workman says. "I am confident that Ruth will now be able to continue the management of both Sections to achieve further benefits for our customers in the Member States and the Agency. I wish her every success".

In discussion: Ms. Hahn-Weinert and Mr. Workman

Meet Ms. Ruth Hahn-Weinert

Ms. Hahn-Weinert started her career twenty-two years ago in the private sector. In 1989, she joined the Library of the United Nations Office at Geneva, where she became Chief of Acquisitions and Cataloguing, and then Section Head of Reader Services. In 2006 she transferred to the IAEA to take up the position of Head of the Library.

"Throughout more than twenty years of professional life I have learned that every place is unique, and what worked in one culture cannot necessarily be applied to another environment", says Ms. Hahn-Weinert. "I can read as much as possible about INIS and Nuclear Knowledge Management; however, this information is of little value without knowing the people behind those facts and figures", she notes.

Therefore, Ms. Hahn-Weinert plans to spend her first months getting to know the staff better and learning about their individual responsibilities. "I want to understand why my colleagues are successful in what they are doing. I will take time to listen – in return I ask for honest feedback", she emphasizes. "The window of opportunity is open: Member States' interest in nuclear power is rising, technology is progressing, and the positive impact of our services on countries considering nuclear energy is increasing", Ms. Hahn-Weinert concludes.