National INIS Seminar in Cairo

13 March 2008 – A National INIS Seminar was hosted by the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA) in Cairo on 6 March 2008. The Seminar also marked the completion of a national IAEA Technical Cooperation Project on "Updating the National Information and Documentation Centre of the EAEA" by inaugurating the Centre.

This event offered the opportunity to introduce the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) and its products and services to the Egyptian nuclear, scienific and academic communities. Ms. Taghrid Atieh of the INIS & NKM Section presented INIS, highlighted the benefits the system offers to users in Member States and pointed out past achievements of the project. She also gave an online demonstration of the INIS Database on the Internet, and encouraged participants to make use of the vast pool of nuclear information that the INIS Database offers. Other IAEA scientific and technical information resources, in particular the Nuclear Energy Knowledge Resources and NUCLEUS, the IAEA's gateway to technical, scientific and regulatory information resources, were also stressed in Ms. Atieh's presentation.

Seventy participants from 18 national institutions, universities and organizations attended the event, which was opened by Ms. Laila Fikry Fouad, EAEA's Vice-Chairperson for Training and Cooperation, and Mr. Mohamed Taha Hussein El-Kolaly, Vice-Chairperson for Research Projects. Staff members of the National Nuclear Information Centre, headed by Ms Fawzia Awad, INIS Liaison Officer for Egypt, gave an overview of the services available at the Centre.

Contact: Ms. Taghrid Atieh, Leader, Capacity Building and Liaison Group, INIS & NKM Section

(From left to the right) Ms Taghrid Atieh, Ms Fawzia Awad,
Professor Dr. Laila Fikry Fouad and Professor Dr. Mohamed Taha Hussein El-Kolaly
with participants during the Seminar.