INIS Interactive Multilingual Thesaurus Now Accessible via INIS Online Database

11 March 2008 – Subscribers to the INIS Online Database have now also access to the INIS Interactive Multilingual Thesaurus with navigation capabilities via the INIS Database website.

This thesaurus is a major tool for describing nuclear information and knowledge in a structured form. It contains the thesaurus terminology in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish, and assists indexers, retrievers and other users of the INIS system in multilingual and semantic searches. In addition, it also serves workers in the nuclear field who are not directly connected with INIS, translators, interpreters, authors and others working in the areas of languages, semantics or terminological reference.

The INIS Multilingual Thesaurus is also interactive – this means that users can navigate within the thesaurus to find terms that have a relationship (broad, narrow, or related). Also, each term can be translated from the chosen index language into one of the others.

The source language of the Multilingual Thesaurus is English. Translations into Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish were performed by specialists from the INIS Centres of the Syrian Arab Republic, China, France, Germany, the Russian Federation and Spain, respectively.

Contact: Mr. Alexander Nevyjel, Leader, Content Management Group, INIS Unit

INIS Interactive Multilingual Thesaurus Screenshot