Secure Off-site Storage of INIS Full-text Collection

1 February 2008 – The Central Library of Physics of the University of Vienna has served as a depository library and secure off-site storage place for a back-up copy of the complete collection of INIS non-conventional literature on microfiche for the past ten years. This was made possible through an agreement between the IAEA and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.

In a recent ceremony, members of the INIS Secretariat handed over a small black box to the Head of the Central Physics Library, Ms. Brigitte Kromp. It was an external hard disc, which contains the digitized collection of INIS ‘grey’ literature, including 232 372 PDF documents at a size of 256 GB. "The IAEA much appreciates that the Central Library of Physics remains a reliable partner and offers secure off-site storage of the IAEA Member State’s full text literature on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology", said Ms. Seyda Rieder, Leader of the INIS Database Production and Imaging Group. In the (unlikely) event that the INIS collection would be destroyed or damaged, it can be recovered from this safe storage place in the IAEA’s host country.

Contact: Ms. Seyda Rieder,

Ms. S. Rieder (third from right) and staff from the INIS Unit present the INIS collection of ‘grey’ literature to Ms. B. Kromp (second from right), Head of the Central Physics Library of Vienna University. Mr. W. Kerber (fourth from right), former Library Head, joined the ceremony
(Photo: R. Kiesewetter)