Keeping Abreast with Worldwide Meetings on Atomic Energy

16 January 2008 - Meetings on Atomic Energy is an edited worldwide listing of current and planned conferences, symposia, seminars, exhibitions and training courses related to nuclear energy and its peaceful uses. The on-line edition is updated daily and features the most current information available to the IAEA. A search function allows you to find just the information you may be looking for.

Volume 40, No 1, January 2008 of "Meetings on Atomic Energy", is the latest, printable version, which is now available online. Users can search, download and print information on:

  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • Training courses
  • IAEA Meetings arranged by topics, and
  • Meetings held in cooperation with the IAEA

Two indexes, one by key words in the conference title (KWIC) and another listing title and date of events, offer further support in searching this information resource of worldwide events related to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The current issue includes 789 records.

Send your comments or information about nuclear-related meetings and training courses to:

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