INIS and ETDE hold Joint Technical Committee Meeting

9 November 2007 - The 11th INIS/ETDE Joint Technical Committee Meeting took place in Vienna from 6 to 8 November. Nineteen(19) delegates from 16 Member States attended the meeting; they were all involved with either INIS or ETDE, or with both systems.

The meeting's agenda covered matters of the INIS Database and NCL collection, such as input preparation, computer-assistedindexing and the related issues of access and charging policy for INIS products and services. The latter issue had been raised at the33rd ILO Meeting end of 2006 and continues to generate much discussion.

Participants also received a first briefing on the results of the recent ILO survey, which had a 65 percent response rate fromMember States. The findings on charging were of particular relevance, along with items on usage, marketing (notably the JointMarketing Plan proposal) as well as the different organisation and resources within the various INIS Centres.

The meeting concluded with a set of recommendations, to be shared with all INIS Members.

ETDE, the Energy Technology Data Exchange, is an international energy information exchange agreement formed in 1987under the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Contact: Mr A. Tolstenkov, Head, INIS Unit

Participants in the 11th INIS/ETDE Joint Technical Committee Meeting
IAEA, 6 - 8 November 2007