Cooperation with NEA and French INIS Member

11 October 2007 – An INIS presentation at the Nuclear Energy Agency NEA in Paris by Ms T. Atieh of the INIS and Nuclear Knowledge Management Section brought together 20 representatives of the organisation, who were interested to learn about the International Nuclear Information System (INIS), and the services and products, in particular the INIS Database, which was demonstrated online. During an extensive Q&A session, NEA staff were interested in the INIS collection of non-conventional literature (NCL), links to full text documents, the difference between search engines, users preferences and frequency of updates, as well as the usage and features of the INIS Thesaurus. Discussions with Mr. Akira Hasegawa, Head of the NEA Databank and Mr. Juan Galan, INIS Liaison Officer (ILO) for the NEA, focused on enhancing the NEA Computer Program Service to non-OECD members and covering gaps of NEA literature that is not yet included in the INIS database.

The mission included also a visit to the National INIS Center at CEA on 2 October, where Ms Christa Brulet, INIS Liaison Officer of France and Mr. J�r�me Surmount, Alternate ILO, welcomed Ms Atieh. A training course for INIS staff members from national centres in Niger and Burkina Faso, which CEA had agreed to host in October 2007, and enhancements of the INIS database were the main topics of this meeting. Ms Atieh also discussed potential future cooperation with Mr. Victor Hajjar, Chef de Service des Technologies de L' Information.

INIS Liaison Officer, Christa Brulet (center) and her
colleagues welcomed Taghrid Atieh (right) at the
Commissariat � l'Energie Atomique in Gif-sur-Yvette, France

INIS - WHO Cooperation

INIS information resources will be made available to staff of the WHO at Geneva and in its regional offices. This was agreed, when Ms. Atieh paid a visit to the World Health Organization on 3-4 October; the meeting aimed at reactivating cooperation between IAEA/INIS and the WHO in terms of contributions to the INIS database, and ways to add past and present WHO publications, including full-text documents, into the INIS information resources.