Strengthening Partnerships with Russian Organizations

2 and 4 October 2007 – Relations between the IAEA and partner organizations in Russia were strengthened by a visit of Mr. Robert Workman, Head of the INIS and Nuclear Knowledge Management Section, to Moscow and Dubna on 1 to 4 October 2007.

Future cooperation and joint activities between the International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI), one of INIS' Members, and the IAEA?s INIS & NKM Section were on the agenda, when on 1 October Mr. Workman was welcomed by ICSTI Director Dr. Victor Kodola, Dr. Marina Tumanova, INIS Liaison Officer and Head of Department at ICSTI, and Dr. Alexei Lovtsov at the ICSTI headquarters in Moscow.

Mr. R. Workman (left) in discussion with his hosts from ICSTI:
Dr. M. Tumanova, Dr. V. Kodola and Dr. A. Lovtsov

The first day of Mr. Workman's visit to Moscow included also a meeting with officals from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and meeting a delegation from TsNIIATOMINFORM, which hosts the National INIS Centre in the Russian Federation. Talks with the new Director of the organization, Dr. Eldar Urmancheev, and Dr. Viacheslav Kuprijanov, INIS Liaison Officer for Russia covered Russia's participation in the International Nuclear Information System and a briefing on ongoing activities at the IAEA in the area of nuclear information and knowledge management.

On 4 October a seminar was held at ICSTI for representatives from Russian nuclear knowledge and information centres, including the Russian Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute", the Institute of Chemical Technologies and the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute of the State University.

In a presentation, Mr. Workman covered ongoing INIS and nuclear knowledge management activities, as well as Nucleus, the common access point to the IAEA's scientific, technical and regulatory information resources, and a planned 'nuclear web' (NucWeb) of information resources, which created much interest among the audience; all are items for future cooperation and exchange of resources.

Mr. Workman speaking
at the INIS & NKM Seminar
at ICSTI on 4 October 2007

In terms of INIS, Mr. Workman focused on his strategic Five-Point Plan for future management of the system, including the current survey of all INIS Liaison Officers and a resulting marketing plan for INIS? products and services, tailored to Member States needs. "INIS has kept up with new developments" said Dr.V. Popov of the Kurchatov Institute and stressed that users ' appreciate the quality of the INIS Database and new information products and services.

His overview of the IAEA's nuclear knowledge management programme highlighted results of the recent International Conference on Knowledge Management in Nuclear Facilities, knowledge management missions ('Assist Visits') to nuclear power plants in Member States, and recent IAEA guidance publications on knowledge management. Of particular interest to the audience was the idea of developing 'knowledge packages' which offer an educational tool for institutions and the need for such packages in some of the participating organisations was expressed.