Cooperation on Nuclear Information and Knowledge

INIS & NKM Section Head Visits KAERI

14 August 2007 ? Mr. Robert Workman, Head of the INIS and Nuclear Knowledge Management Section, is paying a visit to the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) in Daejeon, Republic of Korea. Central to this visit was today's Seminar on INIS and Nuclear Knowledge Management which offered an opportunity for discussions with KAERI's Technical Information Team on nuclear information and knowledge issue. These were preceded by presentations of officials of KAERI in these areas and two talks given by Mr. Workman. Speaking about the valuable contribution by the Korean INIS Center, he pointed out that "the input from Korea has consistently maintained a high level over the last 5 years".

At the core of Mr. Workman's presentation was his strategy for INIS in the future. "During the INIS Liaison Officers Meeting in 2006, I outlined my 5-point-plan which will, I believe, ensure the future health of INIS and its members", Mr. Workman said. One element of this plan is a survey of all INIS Liaison Officers which Mr. Workman explained to the audience.

The findings and recommendations of the International Conference on Knowledge Management in Nuclear Facilities of June 2007, were part of Mr. Workman's talk on the IAEA's nuclear knowledge management activities, in which he also explained the concept of expert missions to nuclear power plants ('Assist Visits') and highlighted recent visits to Canadian NPPs. A briefing on KAERI's activities and a tour of the institute's engineering facilities were also part of the programme.

A close cooperation between KAERI and the Section has existed for several years. Since 2004, the Institute hosts a regional portal site of the INIS Database (INIS2) facilitating easy access to INIS information resources for the Asian and Pacific region. KAERI is also instrumental in the Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (ANENT) which is supported by the Section's Nuclear Knowledge Management Unit.

Discussion during the Seminar on INIS and Nuclear Knowledge Management at KAERI, 14 August 2007
From left: Mr. S.S. Hwang, Principal Researcher/Corrosion Scientist, KAERI, Mr. M.R. Kim, Office of International Cooperation, KAERI, Mr. R. Workman, IAEA, Mr. H.S. Kim, Atomic Energy Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology and INIS Liaison Officer for the Republic of Korea.