INIS & NKM Section Head Visits India

5-6 July 2007 - During a 2 day visit to the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre by Mr. Robert Workman (Head, INIS & NKM Section) there was a lot of discussion about INIS now and in the future. The visit was hosted by the INIS Liaison Officer for India, Mr. Vijai Kumar (Associate Director, Knowledge Management Group and Head, Scientific Information Resource Division).

At a seminar attended by over 20 staff from the Scientific Information Resource Division, Mr. Workman presented his vision and strategy for the future of INIS. He outlined his 5 Point Plan for INIS, highlighting the key aspects of the current major survey of INIS Liaison Officers. He concluded his presentation by providing responses from the INIS Secretariat to the key recommendations from the 2006 INIS Liaison Officers Meeting.

During his presentation Mr. Workman presented Mr. Kumar with a CD containing a digitised version of the 1,827 Indian microfiche documents within the NCL Collection. He complimented the Indian INIS Centre on its high level of contribution to the INIS Database and on the continuous efforts to increase usage through its marketing activities.

Mr. Workman responded to a variety of questions from the participants, ranging from computer assisted indexing and NCL to Open Archives and Nucleus.

Mr. Workman also presented information on the IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management programme. He outlined the 3 elements of the programme and highlighted some activities of interest to India, notably the Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (ANENT).

A short segment on capturing tacit knowledge proved to be of particular interest to the audience and generated a lot of questions and discussion.

One of the key aspects of the visit was a discussion on the response from India to the major survey of INIS Liaison Officers. The opportunity was taken to discuss the many strategic issues raised in the survey.