Major INIS Survey Launched

14 June 2007 - A major survey among all Members of the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) has been launched today. All aspects of the role of the INIS Liaison Officers (ILOs) will be reviewed, with the aim of creating a clear picture of the situation in each of the 117 INIS Member States and 23 International Member Organizations. The survey results should also reveal whether there is any need for additional support from the IAEA.

"We have structured the survey in a way to obtain strategic input from all ILOs", said Mr. Robert Workman, who is heading the INIS and Nuclear Knowledge Management Section. "The strategic direction for INIS should be representative of all ILOs, irrespective of whether or not a country or organization is a major player in the nuclear industry", he added.

The survey, which will be conducted by a mix of online/printed questionnaire and personal phone interviews, addresses all facets of the information system and the ILOs' responsibilities, including input to and usage of the INIS Database, marketing, pricing, and available resources.

"I personally attach the utmost significance to the outcome of this survey" emphasized Mr. Workman, since the views of INIS Members will help shape the direction that INIS takes over the next five years.

The survey is conducted within the framework of a Five-Point Plan for INIS, which Mr. Workman introduced at last year's meeting of INIS Liaison Officers. This plan and the results of the survey, due at the end of 2007, will form the basis for a strategic approach to managing INIS beyond 2007.

Contact:    R. Workman, Section Head
INIS and Nuclear Knowledge Management