INIS Online Database: New Version Released

3 April 2007 - Version 1.5.0 of the INIS Online Database has been released recently, offering several enhanced features and technical improvements.

  • The loading time of the online database has been shorted.
  • The storing of queries has been optimized; queries stored by users have been converted to the new format.
  • The time periods (a choice of "last week" to "last 5 years") that can be selected to limit results, are now calculated back from the time the query is performed. When retrieving a stored query, the selected time range will be applied, e.g., one year back from the time of opening the stored query.
  • Hits in the "Topic-Related" and "Qualifier" fields are now highlighted, and "Qualifiers" are hyperlinked.
  • The default number of results displayed has been reduced to 10 records, speeding up the display of results.

Users subscribed to the INIS Database can read more about all new features and fixes on the home page of the INIS Online Database. Please share your comments with the INIS user community on our discussion forum.