Kick-Off Meeting for Coordinated Research Project on Nuclear Knowledge Preservation

20 November 2006 - Experts from national authorities and research institutions in Bulgaria, Canada, Jordan, Romania, the Russian Federation, the Philippines and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre met at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna on 13-17 November 2006 to begin work on a new Coordinated Research Project (CRP) on Comparative Analysis of Methods and Tools for Nuclear Knowledge Preservation.

The CRP supports the preservation of nuclear knowledge in Member States and the IAEA by selecting and implementing appropriate cost-effective technological solutions. It is coordinated by IAEA experts Yanko Yanev, Head of the Nuclear Knowledge Management Unit, and Andrey Kosilov, who leads the Unit's Nuclear Knowledge Maintenance Group.

The CRP Team, including groups of researchers from the above countries, will identify alternative knowledge preservation methods and tools necessary to capture, process, organize, store, retrieve, exchange and communicate knowledge. Various types of information and media will be considered, including numerical, graphical and textual data, databases, computer programs, videos and multimedia, as well as tacit knowledge.

Based on the results of the comparative analysis, recommendations, solutions and benchmarks for nuclear knowledge preservation will be developed. Alternative solutions will also be specified taking into account any technology gaps among Member States. These alternatives will facilitate interoperability, knowledge exchange and integration, improve the present understanding of various technological aspects of nuclear knowledge preservation, and increase the efficiency of nuclear knowledge preservation projects in the IAEA and Member States.

During this First Coordinated Research Meeting, the experts developed an Action Plan for the CRP, including a major questionnaire survey on the current status of knowledge preservation in nuclear and supporting industries in IAEA Member States, and writing a technical report. A web portal will be set up to facilitate cooperation among the CRP team members. Participants also presented their national research projects on nuclear knowledge preservation, including current and future activities and how they fit into the goals of this CRP.

Participants in the 1st Research Coordination Meeting on Comparative Analysis of Methods and Tools for Nuclear Knowledge Preservation
13 to 17 November 2006, IAEA, Vienna