Managing Knowledge for Nuclear Technology Development:

International Expert Group Discusses Nuclear Knowledge Management in Government, Industry and Academia

16 October 2006 - Twenty-three experts from 13 IAEA Member States met at the IAEA's Headquarters in Vienna on 9 ? 13 October 2006 to discuss challenges and issues related to managing nuclear knowledge in the non-power generating nuclear sector, including government, industry and academic institutions in IAEA Member States. The aim of the meeting was to plan and outline a new guidance document on "Managing Knowledge for Nuclear Technology Development" to be published in the IAEA Nuclear Energy (NE) Series.

Based on a review of experiences and lessons-learned in nuclear knowledge management (NKM) in government, industry and academic institutions, the participants in this technical meeting catalogued effective NKM practices that improve safety and performance in non-power generating nuclear organizations, and identified future trends in NKM.

The guidance document "Managing Knowledge for Nuclear Technology Development"; will be developed during 2006-2007 within the framework of the IAEA Programme C.3. "Nuclear Knowledge Management", as a cooperative effort of the meeting participants and the Agency's NKM experts. Key objectives of the new document include:

  • Awareness: Increasing the awareness of responsible individuals in these enterprises
  • Strategy: Identifying the important elements needed for an effective NKM system
  • Tactics: Providing guidance concerning methods for NKM implementation
  • Examples: Sharing relevant lessons-learned regarding NKM, including selected examples from organizations outside the nuclear field

The new document is intended for managers and professionals in non-power generating enterprises of the nuclear sector who are responsible for developing and maintaining nuclear knowledge and worker competencies within their respective organizations.

Participants in the IAEA Technical Meeting to Develop Guidance Documents for Nuclear Knowledge Management in Government, Industry and Academia
9 to 13 October 2006, IAEA, Vienna