12th INIS/ETDE Joint Technical Meeting

20 - 21 October 2009, Vienna, Austria

Meeting documentation

Day 1: Wednesday, 21 October 2009
Session 1: INIS-ETDE Activity Reports   (DP-JTC-2009-01.pdf)
1.1 INIS Progress and Activity Report
Presented by Dobrica Savic
1.2 ETDE Progress and Activity Report
Presented by Debbie Cutler
1.3 Review of the 11th INIS/ETDE JTCMActions and Recommendations
Presented by Dobrica Savic and Debbie Cutler    (IP-JTC-2009-01.pdf)
Session 2: INIS Input Preparation   (DP-JTC-2009-02.pdf)
2.1 INIS production trends
Presented by Alexander Nevyjel
2.2 Voluntary contributions for INIS input preparation
Presented by Alexander Nevyjel
2.3 Metadata Extraction Tool (MET)
Presented by Alexander Nevyjel
2.4 Status XML implementation
Presented by Zbigniew Majewski
2.5 Special characters (Unicode, mathML, etc.)
Presented by Zbigniew Majewski
2.6 CAI remote access and batch processing for Member States
Presented by Alexander Nevyjel
Day 2: Thursday, 22 October 2009
Session 3: INIS and ETDE Products and Services   (DP-JTC-2009-03.pdf)
3.1 INIS/ETDE Joint and INIS Reference Series
Presented by Alexander Nevyjel
3.2 INIS Database Open Access
Presented by Taghrid Atieh
3.3 Enhancement of INIS DB (full-text access via DOI, PURL, etc)
Presented by Zbigniew Majewski
3.4 ETDE DB access policies
Presented by Debbie Cutler
3.5 INIS/ETDE Joint and INIS Reference Series
Presented by Debbie Cutler
3.6 INIS and ETDE usage statistics
Presented by Debbie Cutler and Zbigniew Majewski
Session 4: NCL Issues   (DP-JTC-2009-04.pdf)
4.1 Digital preservation projects review
Presented by Germain St-Pierre
4.2 Exchange of full-text between INIS and ETDE
Presented by Germain St-Pierre
Session 5: Special Issues
5.1 INIS-ETDE Working Groups
Presented by Debbie Cutler
5.2 Final discussion on results of the meeting and recommendations
Moderated by Ruth Maria Hahn-Weinert
5.3 Date and place of next meetings
Additional Documentation
Actions and Recommendations of the 34th Consultative Meeting of the INIS Liaison Officers, 3-5 November 2008, Vienna, Austria. Status Report (Information Paper JTC-2009-02)
Memorandum of Understanding Between IAEA/INIS and ETDE (Information Paper JTC-2009-03)