Regional (AFRA) Training Course on INIS, 16-27 May 2011, Rabat, Morocco

The International Atomic Energy Agency in cooperation with the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco through the Centre National de L' Energie des Sciences et des Techniques Nucléaires (CNESTEN) is organising the Regional (AFRA) Training Course on the International Nuclear Information (INIS), 2011, Rabat, Morocco, 16 - 27 May 2011.

This training course is within the framework of the Regional AFRA Project RAF/0/031 - "Promoting Human Resources Development and Nuclear Knowledge Management (AFRA)", and is open to participants from AFRA Member States that are INIS members.

The purpose of the training course is to provide comprehensive information about the role of INIS in supporting the national nuclear activities and programmes, and to provide training on the use of INIS products and services and on INIS input preparation. Additionally the course will address the important role of the national INIS centre, and the need to establish regional cooperation among national INIS centres of AFRA Member States. The training course will consist of lectures in the form of presentations, followed by discussions to allow an exchange of information and by practical sessions specifically on the topic. The course will also consists of hands-on training using computer training facilities.