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OECD/NEA Data Bank Computer Program Services

As a part of the co-operative arrangement between IAEA and OECD/NEA, the OECD/NEA provides its computer programs to IAEA Member States that arenot OECD Members. The liaison function between OECD/NEA, IAEA and Member States is vested in the INIS Secretariat.

The agreement takes the following forms:

  • Assisting new organizations to participate in the Computer Program Service;
  • Publicizing OECD/NEA benchmarks, conferences and seminars to these and other organizations; nominating their scientists toattend and channeling the participation forms to OECD/NEA.

What is the NEA Computer Program Service?

The NEA Data Bank operates a computer program service related to nuclear energy applications. The software library collectsprograms, compiles and verifies them in an appropriate computer environment, ensuring that the computer program package is completeand adequately documented. This collection of material contains more than 2000 documented packages and group cross-section data sets.The subject categories primarily represented in the NEA's program collection are as follows:

  • Cross section and resonance integral calculations;
  • Spectrum calculations, generation of group constants, lattice and cell problems;
  • Static design studies of reactors;
  • Depletion, fuel management, cost analysis, and power plant economics;
  • Space-independent kinetics
  • Space-time kinetics, coupled neutronics-hydrodynamics-thermodynamics and excursion simulations;
  • Radiological safety, hazard and accident analysis;
  • Heat transfer and fluid flow;
  • Deformation and stress distributions, structural analysis, and engineering design studies;
  • Gamma heating and shield design; dosimetry and radiation transport in general
  • Reactor system analysis;
  • Data preparation; Data management; and Subsidiary calculations;
  • Experimental data processing;
  • General mathematics and computing system routines;
  • Materials; Fuel Performance Modelling
  • Environmental and earth sciences; environmental impact of nuclear activities: geosphere, biosphere and atmosphere
  • Magnetic fusion research;
  • Integral experiments data, databases, benchmarks;
  • Basic Nuclear and Chemical-Thermodynamics Data.

Programs available are listed in a regular electronic newsletter, in the Computer Program Abstracts on the Web andon CD-ROM.

Upon request, computer programs are distributed on CD-ROM, DVD and via electronic transfer. In cases, where aprogram has been tested and is included in the NEA's master files, a copy of the program package file can be supplied quickly.However, if the program must first be obtained from the author and then tested before it can be sent out, or where approval isrequired from the author or national institutions, waiting times may become lengthy. The NEA may in such cases be able to suggest acode that is comparable to the one requested and that can be made available at once.

The NEA Data Bank Computer Program Service is based at Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) and serves scientific usersauthorized by Member States and belonging to over 700 organizations: national laboratories, universities and safety authorities. TheNEA Data Bank services are financed by contributions from the Data Bank's Member States, and no direct service charge is made to users.

Participate in this Service

To participate in the NEA Computer Program Service, an official request must be made by the appropriate nationalauthority to the Director General of the IAEA expressing the wish to participate in the Service. Every participant is represented in the Service by a Liaison Officer officially appointed by the national authority.

All requests for programs must be sent to the NEA Computer Program Service, through a Liaison Officer. Where noLiaison Officer for an institute has been appointed, or in case of difficulty, please contact the OECD/NEA Computer Program Service

Computer Program Service
OECD/NEA Data Bank
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Phone: 33 1 4524 1074
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