INIS Membership

Membership in INIS is open to:

  • States which are members of the IAEA
  • United Nations organizations
  • international or intergovernmental organizations with whom the IAEA has relations.

At present, 130 countries and 24 international organizations are INIS Members.

INIS Membership Growth
INIS Membership Growth

How to Become a Member

To join INIS, a formal request needs to be made by the appropriate national/institutional authority to theDirector General of the IAEA, expressing the wish to participate in INIS and undertaking to supply literature input regularly to theSystem. Every INIS Member is represented in the System by a Liaison Officer officially appointed by the national authority, or the Executive Head, in the case of an international organization. Read more...

Benefits of INIS Membership

  • provides access to comprehensive and extensive pool of information in the nuclear fields
  • gives every INIS Member the right to access relevant nuclear information of all other INIS Members
  • increases access to, and visibility of, a country's national nuclear-related literature
  • helps in establishing and improving National INIS Centres
  • helps to transfer modern information technology and know-how to Member States

INIS Members' Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities

INIS Liaison Officers

INIS Liaison Officers are instrumental in deciding the path along which INIS evolves by:

  • Providing the INIS Secretariat with advice on matters relating to the administration, operation, and development of INIS
  • Undertaking the responsibility for organizing the collection and preparation of literature input from their Member State orinternational organization
  • Being responsible for the dissemination of INIS products through their information services and for promoting INIS productsand services in their countries

 INIS Membership

Procedure for joining INIS

For Member States: Only Member States of the IAEA may join INIS. A formal letter, addressed to the DirectorGeneral of the IAEA, should be sent from either

  • the national atomic energy authority
  • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or
  • the Member State's Permanent Mission to the IAEA

stating the Member State's wish to join INIS. The letter should include the commitment to fulfill theresponsibilities of an INIS Member and the nomination of a national INIS Liaison Officer, with whom the INIS Secretariat would work closely on all INIS-related matters. An Alternate Liaison Officer may also be nominated.

For international organizations: A formal letter should be sent from the Executive Head of the organization, addressed to the Director General of the IAEA, stating the organization's wish to join INIS and undertaking to fulfillthe responsibilities of an INIS Member and, nominating an INIS Liaison Officer, with whom the INIS Secretariat would work closely onall INIS-related matters. An Alternate Liaison Officer may also be nominated.

Responsibilities of INIS Liaison Officers

The INIS Liaison Officer (or in her/his absence, the Alternate INIS Liaison Officer) is responsible for:

  • organizing the collection of information (literature) and the preparation of input to the INIS Database on a national level(or from an international organization)
  • disseminating information contained in all INIS products
  • promoting those products within a Member State's national boundaries or an international organization.

Regular communication between the INIS Secretariat and the INIS Liaison Officers takes place by correspondence andthrough the annual Consultative Meetings of INIS Liaison Officers.