INIS History

INIS represents a wealth of experience and an extensive pool of information in the nuclear field. The first INIS output products, the printed Atomindex and associated magnetic tapes, were issued in April 1970. INIS has since grown into one of the most successful and comprehensive information systems on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology.

Major developments in INIS

1966 International system proposed
1967 INIS Secretariat established
1969 IAEA Board of Governors approved the system
1970 First products generated in printed and electronic forms
INIS membership comprises 39 Member States and 11 international organizations
First training course held
1971 INIS Thesaurus developed and adopted for documents indexing
1973 Full subject scope covered
1976 Abstracts added to references
1977 100 000 NCL full texts on microfiche available
1978 INIS Database accessible on traditional online system
1979 French INIS Thesaurus completed
1981 Russian INIS Thesaurus completed
1982 German INIS Thesaurus completed
1983 INIS Multilingual Dictionary (English-French-German-Russian) completed
1985 First definition of Membership Arrangements distributed
250 000 NCL full texts on microfiche available
1986 One million database references available
1990 Expert system for indexing quality control implemented
Input preparation software FIBRE introduced
1991 INIS Database available on CD-ROM
1992 Expansion of subject scope to include the environmental and economic aspects of non-nuclear energy sources
1993 Routine receipt of input to the system by electronic mail
1994 Definition of membership arrangements
INIS Mission Statement revised
Spanish INIS Thesaurus completed
1995 INIS Multilingual Dictionary (English-French-German-Russian-Spanish) completed
1996 INIS Web Site launched
500 000 NCL full texts on microfiche available
1997 Two million database references available
New electronic technology implemented, and INIS NCL full texts available on CD-ROM; Start of electronic document delivery service
INIS computer based training package on CD-ROM released
1998 INIS Database on Internet launched
INIS Data Processing System launched (all processing done on-line)
2000 INIS Web services launched
INIS Distance Learning Program on Internet launched
Definition of membership arrangements revised
2004 INIS2 - a regional portal site - opened at the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
INIS given new role in nuclear knowledge preservation and management
Computer-assisted indexing (CAI) system started in the INIS Secretariat
Two and a half million database references available
2005 INIS 35th anniversary (1970-2005)
2006 INIS membership comprises 116 Member States and 23 international organizations
INIS Multilingual Dictionary (Arabic-English-Chinese-French-German-Russian-Spanish) completed
INIS Database includes 2.7 million bibliographic references and about 700 000 full-text documents
2008 Three million bibliographic references available on the INIS database
INIS Database Open Access Pilot Project launched in ten countries
2009 Opening of the access to the INIS Database on the Internet
INIS starts to produce INIS Atomindex in XML format
2010 INIS 40th Anniversary (1970-2010)
INIS membership comprises 124 Member States and 24 international organizations
INIS launches a new website
2011 INIS web-based popular topics replace topical CD-ROMs
INIS launches new Google-based web search of its collection
On 1 September INIS moved to Google-based search and retired old INIS online database
2012 INIS membership comprises 128 Member States and 24 international organizations
Japanese INIS Thesaurus completed
INIS, together with the IAEA Library and the Systems Development and Support Group become part of a newly formed Nuclear Information Section (NIS)
INIS implemented a mobile version of its website
INIS Multilingual Thesaurus integrated with INIS Collection Search
INIS products made Unicode compliant
2013 Publically accessible PDFs from INIS Collection are searchable through and Google Scholar
INIS Collection includes 3.5 million bibliographic references and full-text documents
'NE News' application for iPad, iPhone and Android devices released
2014 The INIS Collection Search (ICS) offers a single point of access to the IAEA�s INIS and NUCLEUS databases and the IAEA Library catalogue
The CERN INSPIRE High Energy Physics (HEP) database, as well as On-line Computer Library Center�s (OCLC) WorldCat service, made directly accessible through ICS
Translations of INIS bibliographic records made available in Korean