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Évaluation de la sûreté des réacteurs de recherche et établissement du rapport de sûreté


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French STI/PUB/960 92-0-201004-8
111 29.00 2004


This Safety Guide, a companion document to Safety Series Nos 35-S1 and 35-S2, is part of a set of publications in the IAEA Safety Series dealing with all the important areas of research reactor safety which includes Safety Standards, Safety Guides and Safety Practices. This guide presents guidelines, approved by international consensus, for the preparation, review and assessment of the safety documentation (Safety Series No. 35-S1) and for the preparation of the Safety Analysis Report (SAR) (Safety Series No. 35-S2). In addition, it is most applicable during the design and construction stages of research reactors, as well as during relicensing or reassessment of already existing reactors.
Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Requirements for safety assessment in the licensing process for a research reactor; 3. Preparation of the safety analysis report; 4. Performance of the review and assessment; Appendix: Contents of a Safety Analysis Report; Annex I: Safety analysis approach and methods; Annex II: Examples of input parameters and initial conditions; Annex III: Examples of items to be considered in the reactor description; Annex IV: Typical sources of radioactive material or radiation fields in a research reactor.

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