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Conception et homologation des constituants des centrales nucléaires du point de vue sismique


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French STI/PUB/917 92-0-201997-5
85 2 20.50 1997


This guide was originally issued as Safety Guide No. 50-SG-S2. It provides details on the design of a nuclear power plant such that earthquakes at the site determined according to Safety Guide No. 50-SG-S1 will not jeopardize its safety. It gives guidance on methods and procedures for analysing, testing and qualifying structures and equipment such that they fulfil the purpose foreseen in the design. Contents: Definitions; 1. Introduction; 2. General concept; 3. Seismic design; 4. Seismic qualification: Analysis, testing, earthquake experience and indirect methods; 5. Seismic instrumentation; Appendix I: Methods of seismic analysis; Appendix II: Modelling techniques; Annex I: Examples of lists of seismic category I and other category items; Annex II: Sloshing and impulse effects in liquid containers. Russian and Spanish editions in preparation.

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