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Situation radiologique sur les atolls de Mururoa et de Fangataufa: Rapport Principal

Report by an International Advisory Committee

French Edition

Radiological Assessment Reports Series No.

Français STI/PUB/1028 ¦ 92-0-203498-2

310 pages ¦ 132 figures ¦ € 87.00 ¦ Date de publication : 1998



The Study of the Radiological Situation at the Atolls of Mururoa and Fangataufa was conducted at the request of the Government of France to determine whether, as a consequence of French nuclear tests conducted above and beneath these atolls, radiological hazards could arise, now or in the future; and to recommend the form, scale and duration of any monitoring, remedial action or follow-up action that might be required. An International Advisory Committee was convened by the Director General of the IAEA to provide scientific direction and guidance on the conduct of the Study. The first meeting of the IAC was held in April 1996 and its final meeting in February 1998. In addition to IAEA Secretariat staff, 55 scientists from 18 countries and four international organizations participated in the Study, including the environmental sampling and surveillance campaigns, which involved 18 laboratories in 12 countries.The Main Report, which incorporates the bilingual (English/French) Executive Summary (see above), gives a comprehensive scientific account of the Study, together with data on the French nuclear weapon tests. It presents the results of the Study's assessment of the environmental legacy of weapon testing at the atolls and estimates of consequent radiation doses at present and in the future, drawing on the supporting detailed Technical Report. The findings, conclusions and recommendation are presented, together with an account of their basis in radiation protection and further background material to provide perspective.
Contents: Executive Summary; Part A: Background: 1. The Study; 2. Geography, geology and history of the atolls; 3. Nuclear testing programme; Part B: Present and predicted radiological situations: 4. Inventory of residual radioactive material in the biosphere at the atolls; 5. Inventory of residual radioactive material in the geosphere of the atolls; 6. Transport of residual radioactive material through the geosphere; 7. Effects of hypothetical disruptive events; 8. Transport of residual radioactive material through the marine environment; Part C: Results I; 9. Radiation doses and their potential for impact on human health; 10. Potential impact of radiation doses on biota; 11. The need for remediation; Perspective; Part D: Conclusions and recommendations; 12. Findings; 13. Conclusions; 14. Recommendation; References; Annex I: Retrospective assessment of the radiation doses attributable to atmospheric testing at the atolls; Annex II: Ciguatera: Incidence and cause; Annex III: Ionizing radiation: Levels and biological effects; Annex IV: Some fission and fusion physics and the testing of nuclear weapons; Glossary.

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