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Les systèmes de notification d'événements inhabituels survenant dans les centrales nucléaires


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French STI/PUB/801 92-0-223390-X
17.50 1990


This publication provides guidance for establishing a system for the collection, assessment and distribution of information on unusual events of safety significance in nuclear power plants, on a national and international basis. It also describes the concepts, contents and procedures of the IAEA Incident Reporting System (IAEA-IRS). It is directed to both the utility personnel and the regulatory staff of nuclear power plants.
Contents: Introduction; Part I: A national system; Part II: IAEA Incident Reporting System (IAEA-IRS); Appendix I: Unusual event reporting categories; Appendix II: Standard format and contents of IRS reports; Appendix III: Checklist for the preparation of an IRS report; Appendix IV: Classification of lessons learned; Annex I: Coded watchlist; Annex II: Dictionary of codes; Definitions.

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