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Séismes et autres phénomènes connexes à prendre en considération pour le choix des sites de centrales nucléaires

50-C-S( REV. 1)

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French STI/PUB/797 92-0-223289-X
9.50 1989


This code recommends how to evaluate the site related factors that are taken into account to ensure that the plant-site combination does not constitute an unacceptable risk. After defining the roles of the applicant and the regulatory body in site selection, evaluation and approval, general criteria are given for selecting proposed sites and assessing their suitability, for determining site related safety requirements and for evaluating the acceptability of a site to accommodate a particular nuclear plant.
Contents: Definitions; 1. Introduction; 2. General; 3. Criteria; 4. Evaluation of design basis for external events; 5. Site characteristics influencing the effects of the nuclear power plant on the region.

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