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Systèmes de refroidissement du réacteur et systèmes associés dans les centrales nucléaires


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French STI/PUB/731 92-0-223887-1
19.00 1987


This guide covers the safety design considerations for various reactor coolant and associated systems for operational states and accident conditions including the selection, sizing and reliability aspects. This includes safety systems such as emergency core cooling, residual heat removal or emergency feedwater systems. The detailed design of particular components, e.g. heat exchangers, pumps and vessels, is not covered.
Contents: Introduction; Extent of the reactor coolant and associated systems; General design principles; Detailed design principles; Quality assurance; Annex I: Reactor coolant and associated systems diagrams; Annex II: Main reactor coolant system components; Annex III: Listing of pressure boundary codes and standards used in some Member States.

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