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Conception des systèms de confinement des réacteurs de centrales nucléaires


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French STI/PUB/693 92-0-223287-3
17.50 1987


Safety requirements for the design of containment systems are presented in a generic form. The various functions of confinement, isolation, energy management, radionuclide management and combustible gas control as well as the structural and leak integrity are covered. Annexes provide examples for the most common design solutions and other aspects.
Contents: Introduction; General design considerations; Design basis for the containment system; Design requirements; Tests and inspection; Quality assurance and documentation; Annex I: Examples of containment system design concepts; Annex II: Containment monitoring instrumentation for early detection of developing deviations from normal operation in light water reactors; Annex III: Illustration of categories of isolation features.

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