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Niveau d'innondation de référence pour les sites côtiers de centrales nucléaires


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French STI/PUB/655 92-0-223884-7
22.00 1984


Sites vulnerable to coastal flooding are located on open coastal regions directly exposed to or having a shore on a major body of water, semi-enclosed bodies of water such as lagoons, estuaries, rivers, fjords and rias, or enclosed bodies of water such as lakes and reservoirs. Floods due to waves, surges, seiches and tsunamis are discussed, including ways to combine the effects of these to calculate design values for run-up and draw-down.
Contents: Introduction; Preliminary investigation; Detailed information; Flooding by storm surges and seiches; Tsunami flooding; Wave effects; Reference water level; Ice effects; Combined flooding events; Design basis for the flood; Shoreline stability; Flood protection aspects of nuclear power plant siting; Monitoring and warning for plant protection; Appendix A: Stochastic methodologies in surge analysis; Annex I: Probable maximum storm characteristics and storm surge analysis; Annex II: Frequency distribution functions; Annex III: Tsunami evaluation; Annex IV: Nearshore wave effects; Annex V: Example of possible combinations of flood-causing events; Annex VI: Monitoring and warning systems.

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