Vienna, Austria
Event Code: J3-TR-55504

Workshop on Notification Reporting and Requesting Assistance

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: J3-TR-55621

Workshop for Senior Educators on Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Response

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: L1-TR-55689

E-training on the IAEA's Model for Analysis of Energy Demand

Obninsk, Russian Federetion
Event Code: J0-TR-55855

Regional Training Course on the Security of Radioactive Sources

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: J7-TR-54794

Workshop on Operational Radiation Protection and Waste Management for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities

Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Event Code: I3-TM-54737

Technical Meeting on New Concepts in Innovative Water Cooled Reactor Technology

Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Event Code: M2-TR-55253

International Training Course for Newcomer Countries on State Systems of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material