Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Event Code: I2-TM-55090

Technical Meeting on Roles, Responsibilities and Interfaces between Design Authority, Responsible Designers and Technical Support Organizations

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: A2-BG (ID:53161)

Board of Governors

Trieste, Italy
Event Code: L5-TR-55767

13th Joint IAEA-ICTP Nuclear Knowledge Management School

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: I3-TR-55102

Training Workshop on Efficient Water Management in Water Cooled Reactors Using the IAEA's Water Management Program in Nuclear Power Plants

Trieste, Italy
Event Code: L5-TR-55769

Pilot of Advanced NKM School for KM practitioners in nuclear organizations

Trieste, Italy
Event Code: L5-TR-55763

Joint IAEA-ICTP Nuclear Energy Management School

Bangkok, Thailand
Event Code: L5-TR-55762

Training Workshop to Facilitate Outreach Activities of the ANENT

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: L5-RC-55758

Second RCM of the CRP Meeting Sustainable Education in Nuclear Science and Technology